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Raa Yoga

Raa Yoga is a community of like-minded individuals that share a passion for yoga, good health and sustainable organic living. Founded in 2008, its central aim is to introduce spiritual pursuit, yogic exercises, meditative practice as a way of life for its members. At Raa, we practice traditional Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa style of asanas, which are rooted in ancient Vedic knowledge of physical and mental well being.

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Raa Outbounders

Outbounders is dynamic initiative by Raa with only one purpose- TO GET PEOPLE OUT!. With a focus on facilitating connection with nature, discovering local nature-spots and incorporating different terrains and environments into a workout. Ultimately, the aim is to gain inspiration from our environment, learn to cherish and protect it and realize that true peace and happiness lies in coexisting.

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Vichardharaa is Raa’s think tank, our centre for promoting a balanced and intellectual approach to holistic living in the modern world. We host orators, medical professionals, artists and spiritual influencers from across the globe, who engage with our members through interactive panel discussions, workshops, seminars and counselling sessions.

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Yogavsar is a mega celebration of the Indian ethos, a festival that blends the vibrant rigour of India with its ancient soul. It highlights the essence of yogic living through asana abhyasa, pranayama, meditation, dhyaan, Indic literature, indigenous art, dances and satsangs. Yogavsar is catered to people of all ages and backgrounds as an opportunity for them to rediscover their roots and connect with the changing narrative of the Indian landscape.

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Yoga Tribe

The Yoga Tribe is Raa’s homegrown merchandise brand, that perceives a green business ideology. Our products include clothing, décor, mats, stationary and jewellery, which have been displayed in yoga festivals worldwide. It is an endeavour that celebrates the artistic expression through customised, detailed designs and trendy styles that provide the right apparel and accessories for our community at sustainable prices.

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Anahata is an initiative to bring fresh organic produce sourced by local farmers, straight from the fields to daily households. Ranging from fresh cow ghee to homemade spices, at Anahata, one can find a varied amount of pulses, grains, freshly ground flours, jiggery, fruits, vegetables and health drinks that have been produced by small scale farmers, women’s groups and micro industries. We follow the brown paper drop system and maintain a zero plastic environment.

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