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Raa Foundation

In each of us lies the inherent need towards building a community that is symbiotic with nature. Raa believes in combining the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies on our journey to self-actualisation. the experience of being connected to the very source that binds us all.

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Raa Yoga Classes

Raa Yoga is the primary and core branch under Raa Foundation. Our yoga classes are the legacy upon which the foundation has been built. At Raa, we mix traditional yoga with an open approach. What this means is that we offer traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga while making sure we are open to new schools of thought, new research and most of all, different teacher’s methods when it comes to class.

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Vichardharaa : Way of Thinking

Vichardharaa is Raa’s think tank, our centre for promoting a balanced and intellectual approach to holistic living in the modern world. We host orators, medical professionals, artists and spiritual influencers from across the globe, who engage with our members through interactive panel discussions, workshops, seminars and counselling sessions.

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Get Out In Nature! This is the purpose of Outbounders by Raa. We focus on helping people facilitate a connection with nature, discover local nature spots and incorporate different terrains into a workout. Outbounders is an adventure filled experience for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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The Yoga Tribe

The Yoga Tribe is a homegrown brand that celebrates the simplicity and roots of the ancient practice of yoga. Our products are made to use time and time again as you find your way back to yourself, becoming one with the yogi within you.

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Anahata is the outcome of over 12 years of research in the Himalayas of Indic rituals, traditional ingredients, and the science of healthy living. We offer solutions for Indic, holistic, and natural living through handcrafted products that enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health all at once.

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