Yakshi Joshi

I’m extremely grateful to join Raa Foundation. It have amazing studio and experienced teachers. At Raa We just don’t do just yoga but we understand the importance of each Asana.And it has personally helped me to become aware about my mind, my body, my breathing. I would surely recommend someone to join and feel the vibe.

Dr Binal D Shah

I am blessed to have Raadhika as a mentor in Yoga Sadhna - true mind body connect . Iam grateful for the beautifully curated 2021 Diary , book of affirmations and positive vibes.


Yoga is a dance between control and surrender – between pushing and letting go – and when to push and when to let go becomes part of the creative process, part of the open-ended exploration of your being. Most of the Yoga centres promote yoga as a weight loss treatment as that is the main concern of most the people now-a-days. But true yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived. Yoga doesn’t care about what you have been; yoga cares about the person you are becoming. Raa Yoga promotes Yoga for good health with true motivation, inspiration and has always has ears to listen to your concerns unlike other yoga centres and helps you to control your emotions and to let go your stress. It is like a family with so much of positivity. I am happy to be a part of Raa foundation. The best gift you can give to yourself is your health......!

Sonal Bhavsar

I have always known Radhika as a very calm, composed and elegant person. When I visited Raa Yoga I found it as an extension of her personality. Just 2 days back I got a beautiful Journal as a gift from Raa Foundation and it is beautiful! I couldn't have asked for a better gift to start my year 2021.. Thank you Radhika and Raa Foundation for transferring your positive energy to me as well through this journal.

Jaimie Amin

It is said look for good even in bad; and RAA happen to me as the best thing in my worst time; am grateful for that. It is the place which has sheltered many people with lots of motivation, inspiration, and positivity in one's down phase. A truly restorative abode!!!Meditation never seemed that easy before; but RAAdhika mam made it easy to meditate. Yoga is a lifestyle and RAA is a path to it. Anyone looking to rejuvenate and transform, Join RAA!!


I am so grateful to be part of raa family. I joined yoga when i was detected of pcod and gained some extra pounds. But today i am back in shape and free of Pcod/Pcos thanks to radhika mam and Raa yoga family. They have amazing plans like 21 day program, bullet program,raa outbound which helps you increase your fitness and in process reach your ideal weight. They always bring new concepts and asana to increase your flexibility. I always love going for yoga in Raa studio it quite beautiful experience and I love gud ka paani which is part of there 21 day program!!! ( P.S. Its Raa speciality) Thank you Radhika mam and all Raa teachers for teaching yoga in most interesting and spiritual manner!

Ruchita Purohit

“I finally have found a studio that is so welcoming and makes me feel happy and excited to work out. Everyone is so wonderful and supportive. I’m getting fit and just gaining so much more confidence. Thank you so much Raa foundation for creating such a great place with lots of positive vibes. I am happy to be a part of Raa foundation family. "

Reena Rajen Parikh

An amazing experience.. Superb yoga centre with modern approach to spiritual and traditional learning from the vedas. Best mentor and motivator I ever met.I am grateful to be part of Raa family for almost a decade now . Thanks a lot Radhika :-) grateful for lovely 2021 book of affirmations..your thoughtful personalised letter alongwith this beautiful gift is an icing on the cake

Kaushik Parekh

RAA yoga center, a place with positive energy and right Yoga training that helps one with rejuvenating Mind and Body leading to a Healthy Life.

Dipal Amin

I have no words for this amazing,beautifull,postive place known as RAA!!Thank you so much for this most amazing amazing beautifully curated Diary by Radhika Mam!!And many more to come :) Great Start to 2021 :)

Neha Marwah

Amazing place amazing people The positivity and the vibes n peacefulness that i get from being there is aprampar the satisfaction to ur soul is what i get N i love u Radhika mam just want to thank her for always being there . And i also want the diary 😜

Someshwar Samal

Have been associated with the raa since half a decade or may be more and i must say the passion for dance, fitness and yoga is still alive and kicking because of the constant support and push that i got from Radhika and gaouty. Never been so grateful Thank you so much

Shruti Shah

I feel so blessed to be part of this foundation 😇..Thank you so much for this amazing diary as a gift .It will be my gratitude book for the year 2021. Can't ask for better gift than this in 2021❤️ Thank you Radhika ma'am