Raa Yoga is a community of like-minded individuals that share a passion for yoga, good health and sustainable organic living. Founded in 2008, its central aim is to introduce spiritual pursuit, yogic exercises, meditative practice and healthy eating as a way of life for its members. Raa’s founders perceive it not only as a platform to explore the richness of the ancient Yogasutras and the value of Indian culture and ethos, but also as a way to apply these principles in modern, practical life

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Customise Weight Loss Programs


The Raa 21 Day Super Weight Loss Program

One of the most popular programs at Raa is the 21 Day Super Weight Loss Program, which gives guaranteed weight and inch loss through yoga and related activities. The 3-week program has been carefully crafted from eclectic sources of health and wellness, including nutrition, meditation, acupuncture, pranayama and strength training. Supervised by yoga teachers, dieticians, physiotherapists and fitness instructors, the students are guided through intensive exercise and endurance building activities. These include ashtanga yoga asanas, cardio-based vinyasa series, sessions of Suryanamaskars and Chandranamaskars, core-strengthening exercises, nature trails, jal neti, nauli, zumba and others.


Raa Super 65

The Raa Super 65 is an intensive and thorough weight loss program that caters to serious fitness enthusiasts. After doing research on the best practices in fitness and health for over two years, we at Raa have devised a one and a half month long program that guarantees toning of the body and honing of the mind.

Structured around a 65 hour model of intensive workout, it predominately includes hatha yoga asanas, dynamic vinyasa series, core building exercises, flexibility training, dance workouts, outdoor trails and other interdisciplinary fitness routines. Students also gradually learn pranayama, jal-neeti, nauli, meditation techniques and other ancient, Vedic practices of healthy living.


Raa Bullet Program

For many of us who want fast, immediate results, the Raa Bullet Program is the perfect opportunity to shed extra weight and tone the body in less than a week! With specific focus on cardio workout, aerobic and anaerobic exercises, flexibility movement and dynamic asanas, the Bullet program is a high-intensity yoga abhyasa that prepares the body for strict fitness regimes. It tones the body to appear leaner and fitter in less than a week, while giving focus on eating healthy food and following a timely schedule. While it is only a 6-day program, its effects last for months, especially if accompanied by future yoga practice.

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