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Radhika Iyer Talati

Make this diary your book of actualisation

It is said that when we sleep, our subconscious works through things in order to help us.Use this diary to form a daily writing habit. Don’t worry about writing a lot, set the bar low.

You also need to especially write down your affirmations every single day. A space on the top right hand side of this book has been set aside solely for this purpose. Remember, the more you repeat your affirmations, the more true they will become!

Here are some suggestions to what else you could write in this book everyday. Keep a note of three good things you’ve experienced that day, even if they’re small or silly. You’ll not only have a reminder of what you’ve done, but you’ll always have stories to share.

Add inspirational thoughts that can also help you get through tough times. Whenever you find a quote that inspires you, or perhaps a poem that moves you, write it down. This personal anthology will inspire you for years to come.

Use the affirmations given in this book to elevate your self. Meditate on these affirmations and write down your experiences later.

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